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Referring a Father to Family Court on grounds of not issuing his Daughter’s identity papers

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Dubai Public Prosecution has transferred accused person to the Family Courts because he did not issue the necessary identity papers for his daughter, and the daughter was unable to join any educational institution. DPP requested to apply punishment according to the Federal Law, 2016 on Child Rights (WADEEMA’S LAW).

Adviser/ Noora Khadim Almusim, Senior Attorney at Family and Juveniles Prosecution, who instigated investigation, said that the daughter filed a complaint against her father and criminal case was registered. The accused person was the father of the child and he failed to issue identity card and health card for his daughter beside delay in renewing her passport.

Thus, the daughter was unable to join any educational institution and did not support her or even contact her. It is worth mentioning that the child’s parents are separated and the child lives with her aunt, because her parents, father and mother, failed to do their role in care, education and support of the child.

During the investigation, the accuse person was questioned about the reasons that prevented him from issuing the identity papers, and his answer was that he tried and followed up this matter with the competent authorities and it was clear to him that there are several procedures that prevent the renewal and require repeated follow up of more than one entity. The accused claimed that he provided his daughter with monthly support and contact her more than once during the week.

During the investigation, the daughter indicated that her aunt is the one who take care ofher because her parents does not support and care of her and now she stays with her in another Emirate.

Adviser/ Almuslim Explained that through investigation there was clear neglect by the accused person, father, in not issuing identity papers (ID) and defaulted in renewing the passport for several years, leading to depriving the child of its basic rights. Thus, according to WADEEMA’S LAW, the accused person committed the crime of not issuing identity paper and not registering the child in educational institution. The accused person and the case was transferred to the family court to be punished.

Dubai Public Prosecution appeals to parents and guardians to provide dignified life for children under their custody according to the law and regulations. Dubai Public Prosecution shall not tolerate anyone who is proven to be defaulted in providing the child’s rights according to the law. Legal actions shall be taken to prevent messing with those rights.

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