Our Services

We rely on our intimate knowledge of the rules and regulations that apply across the Middle East and on our close relationship with experts in the field to provide outstanding results with integrity and sense of responsibility.

Our Services

We rely on our intimate knowledge of the rules and regulations that apply across the Middle East and on our close relationship with experts in the field to provide outstanding results with integrity and sense of responsibility.


We provide to our clients comprehensive services for doing business in UAE, right from company formation. We have built a solid network of relationships over years and in select instances we may make the necessary introductions to link our clients to local partners to ensure strong and successfully lasting relationships.

Symax Law provides comprehensive legal services in virtually every aspects of business, and is not only restricted to our office in UAE, but across our firms in the region. In order to most effectively and efficiently meet your needs and consultation on UAE LAW, our lawyers in UAE are organized into groups according to their primary area(s) of practice

Corporate, Commercial and Business Transactions

Symax Law’s Corporate, Commercial practice involves a strong team that understands the legal and regulatory framework and is committed to helping you succeed.

We have distinguished history of advising some of the most prominent domestic and foreign private corporations and private clients in their day-to-day corporate activities in UAE and internationally.

Our team of qualified professionals is ready to help you in various cases involving, among others but not limited to: –

  • Business advice and legal opinion.
  • Strategic planning.
  • General commercial and corporate advisory matters.
  • Constitution, organization, and updating of companies.
  • Tax account opening, tax compliance as well as attending and following up of tax investigation.
  • Restructuring and reorganization of existing enterprises.
  • Analysis, negotiation and drafting of business agreement and other financing documents.
  • Analysis, negotiation and drafting of various types of agreement, including general commercial agreements, shareholders agreements or partnership agreements, employment agreements and consultation, distribution, and representation agreements.
  • Analysis, negotiation and drafting of real estate leases, leasing agreements, equipment purchases.
  • Advising companies on all aspects of company law, including Board procedures, Director responsibilities and Shareholder relations, obtaining approvals from Government authorities, preparing annual meeting minutes.

Civil Matters

The firm provides legal opinion on Civil matters, acting in various areas such as civil liability, claims for damages and civil litigation. The advice is personalized, sustained, and aimed to offer the best solutions for each need, by accompanying the customers at all stages of their business, whether in negotiations, judicial proceedings, or the production of reports.

We have a long and wide experience in all aspects of civil agreements including standard and tailored contracts, transfer of rights and debts, contractual liability and tort, implementation of contracts, execution of court judgment rendered in favor of our clients.

Banking & Finance

Our lawyers provide the appropriate advice for banking and financial services transactions including retail banking transactions and legal services, banking regulation and compliance, consumer credit issues and requirements, corporate lending and Debt Restructuring, project and investment financings, debt recovery, real-estate finance, capital market, loans, and mortgages.

We draw on our past experience to help clients navigate, comply with, and find solutions to most complex legal challenges.

Real Estate Matters

Our Real Estate lawyers provide legal advice, for local and international investors, tenants, landlords and real estate developers pertaining to any complex matter related to Real Estate disputes in UAE.

We provide our clients with experienced advice on transactions including buying and selling property, Real Estate Financing and Mortgages, Real Estate Management Agreements, Lease Agreements and the strategic advice relating to Real Estate Development projects. Our team of qualified professionals' lawyers having in-depth knowledge of local laws and regulations in UAE.

Intellectual Property (IP)

We at Symax Law believe to have a unique understanding of issues that drive businesses. Our team of IP Attorneys / Practitioners, having high level of technical and legal competence, give us the right competitive edge and positioning as a law firm focused on creating immense IP value for our clients.

Our team has more than 20 years of experience delivering quality IP services such as patent annuities, trademark renewals and records, as well as strategic IP consulting and cutting-edge software solutions for effective IP management, anti-counterfeiting, trademark filing, monitoring and prosecution. We maintain our services through our main office in UAE and our branch in Egypt and expand our service through our partners across the region. The reasons of our success: its highly integrated, flexible IP services, superior service quality, a high degree of innovation and reasonable costs. When it comes to trademark services, We cover everything, from legal, administrative and consulting services right down to software, across all lifecycle stages and in all major jurisdictions in GCC, MENA region, Iran, Pakistan and expanding to East Africa in Tanzania and Kenya.


We represent local and international banks and other financial institution in their restructuring of operations, issuance of financial instruments, opening branches throughout GCC. We provide our clients with experienced advice on transactions including buying and selling property, Real Estate Financing and are specialized in drafting and negotiating commercial agreements for various kinds of industries.

Construction & Property Development

Our Firm represents construction companies, builders, developers, consultants, architects, engineers, property owners, investors, financial institutions and employers in construction-related transactions and disputes. We rely on our intimate knowledge of the rules and regulations that apply across the Middle East and on our close relationship with experts in the construction field to provide practical solutions that keep projects moving forward on time and on budget.

Our lawyers are familiar with the Construction Law and with the terms and conditions used in FIDIC and custom construction contracts.

We understand the complexity of the relationships between employers, contractors and subcontractors and provide technical legal advice on notation and assignment of contracts over the course of the construction project in order to avoid unnecessary delays and to prevent legal disputes.

We work closely with our clients to gain an in-depth understanding of their business operations and factor commercial and practical concerns into our legal advice to enable the successful completion of their projects.

Merger & Acquisitions

Our Merger & Acquisition (M&A) lawyers have extensive expertise in the drafting and negotiating of a variety of documents and agreements related to the merger and acquisition process, such as Letters of Intent, Confidentiality agreements, Proxy statements, Information Memorandums and Tender Offer documents, Consulting and Non-competition Agreements, Employment Agreements and Severance Plans.

We can assist and advise in drawing up Shareholder Agreements. We can advise start-up companies and their Founders on many aspects of their business and also often act in high-profile M&A cases involving major domestic and international corporations and financial institutions.

We provide corporate advice tailored to suit the needs of our clients, as we entertain widespread legal expertise in dealing with corporate restructuring, bankruptcy, offshore companies, transfer of property, partnerships, and joint ventures.


Tax authorities chasing after you. We understand the tax pressure you face and that dealing with a Tax problem can be a very stressful experience; therefore, we are at your disposal to take the weight of dealing with tax controversies off your shoulders by providing you with the right advice, and if necessary, litigating a tax matter. We provide valuable and broad consultation on all taxation related matters. Our lawyers provide clients with tax advice which is individually tailored to client’s needs.

Criminal Law

Symax law has an excellent track record of defending clients in felony or misdemeanor charges.

We understand how seriously a conviction could affect your future and, with the might of our experience behind you, provide genuine comfort as we battle for the possible outcome.

We have in-depth knowledge of local laws and provide exceptional legal advice in all aspects of criminal litigation. We represent individuals in police investigations and criminal defense law; we represent our clients before the police, public prosecution, the reputation of our lawyers can have a significant bearing on whether charges are dismissed or reduce.

Our mission is to achieve successful results for your criminal case while maintaining the highest level of professionalism and ethical standards.


Symax law has an excellent track record of defending clients in felony or misdemeanor charges.We have an in-depth knowledge of local laws and offer exceptional legal advice in all aspects of criminal litigation providing a genuine comfort as we battle for the possible outcome.


We serve as the employment law counsel to some of our clients, helping them to discover their employments rights thoroughly. We are a well-known firm with a team of dedicated and expert employment lawyers. We aim to provide our clients with result-driven and cost-effective solutions all kinds of Employment dispute matters. Most employment issues require immediate attention, and we pride ourselves in our ability to respond to these matters quickly, with a personal touch. You will quickly learn why our clients appreciate our services. Some of the areas we advise on include:

  • Reviewing employment contracts.
  • Confidentiality and Non-disclosure agreements.
  • Non-competition agreements.
  • Providing legal advice and opinions on employment policies and internal regulations and checking compliance in accordance UAE Employment Law.
  • Rights and obligations.
  • Unfair dismissal and compensation.
  • Negotiation.

Contract Drafting & Review

Drafting and reviewing legal contracts is a task that our lawyers perform daily. We ensure that all contracts – simple to complex are negotiated, drafted, and reviewed to ensure that the rights of all parties to the contract are protected and the contract is reliable, legal, and enforceable.

Our experienced lawyers draft a variety of commercial agreements. These include Personal agreements, Sale and Purchase contracts and Transfer agreements, Employment agreements, Independent Contractor agreements, Sales agreements, Distribution agreements, confidentiality agreements, Non-disclosure agreements, Non-competition agreements, Service agreements, Supply agreements, Joint Venture agreements, Partnership agreements, and other commercial contracts.

Incorporating A Business

If you are thinking of starting a new business, it may be a good idea to consider incorporating it. By incorporating your new business, you allow yourself to be personally protected from any liability and legal action. Incorporating your business is the process of creating a separate legal entity- the company is treated under the law as if it is a separate person. If you are interested in taking advantage of benefits that incorporating a business could achieve, our comprehensive services are delivered by experienced team of local experts, giving you the best solutions.

Our team can assist you with the following types of registrations: –

  • Limited Liability Company
  • Branches and representative offices of foreign commercial companies
  • Free Zone Companies
  • Offshore companies incorporated within UAE free Zones

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