solicitors in UAE

We provide different range of expert legal services to individual and business entities.

solicitors in UAE

We provide different range of expert legal services to individual and business entities.

About Us

Symax Law is a leading multi-practice legal consultancy firm in UAE, the firm employs and works with professional legal, tax and business advisors in different areas of practice, to provide comprehensive, timely, creative legal services of a high standard to meet the distinctive needs of local and international clients.

Our professional team consists of highly qualified and licensed lawyers and consultants. Our lawyers have proven track record of success and are recognized for their positive track record and reputation.

Our Lawyers and legal Consultants in UAE are known for their broad expertise in Commercial and Corporate, Criminal, and Civil law practices. Our lawyers keep our clients informed and updated in an effective and timely manner, doing the best to achieve the best possible legal and commercial outcome.

We have represented local and international companies and individuals in a variety of cases, and having worked with businesses of all sizes understand the needs of a wide range of SME to Larger Corporations. Our international practice is strengthened by alliances with top-tier law firms across the globe.

Our Vision

Our philosophy concentrates on giving straightforward solutions and providing sound legal advice and representation that assist and allow companies and individuals to achieve their sought-after objectives while minimizing legal and therefore commercial risks.

Our Mission

We are here to ensure our Clients are served in their best legal and business interest.


Open Mindedness and Critical Thinking Skills are at the core of our query and reasoning.
Mutual respect, civility and empathy are the core of our Social Nature.
Integrity is at the core of everything we do.

Our Team

Our many years of experience have contributed to the success of numerous business projects.Professionalism, honesty and a sense of responsibility enable us to solve all our client's legal needs. We work efficiently to achieve the best results for our clients.

Nada ElMawi 1B5A2500

Nada ElMawi

Senior Manager- Legal

Nada is the Head of the legal division and related affairs of the Symax Group in UAE. She has over 10 years of experience in legal matters related to banking & finance including financial crimes and fraud, as well as real-estate related disputes & litigation.

As part of her responsibilities, she advises international & local banks and Financial Houses on their banking disputes and has represented multiple international clients, on complex cross-border criminal matters such as corruption, money laundering, cybercrime, extradition, fraud, and embezzlement.
She also works with high profile clients, advising them on their real-estate matters including drafting legal agreements and handling their disputes and negotiations. Nada is highly familiar with legal enforcement of foreign and GCC judgements and has also represented clients regarding their ratification and annulment matters related to arbitral awards.

Nada has worked on a various high-profile cases involving multi-hundred million dollar settlement agreements with a number of well-known corporations, Investment Houses, and semi-governmental entities in the UAE, as well as attending successful legal mediation and arbitrage meetings in UAE, Egypt, UK, GCC, Thailand, Europe as well as The Levant and India, to name a few.

As a believer in sustainability and contribution to the community she lives in , Nada has also participated in conducting awareness campaigns and providing legal advise at Dubai Foundation and Hemaya organization for protection of children and women and promotion of Emirates Human rights.

Nada has graduated with two separate Batchelor Degrees, one in Finance and another one in Law from UAE and has attended and obtained a certificate from Harvard Business School in Negotiation.
amira saqer Pleading Lawyer

Amira Saqer

Pleading Lawyer

Amira Saqer is a graduate of the Police Academy and an intellectual property expert accredited by the Ministry of Justice and a holder of a high diploma from the United Nations in Geneva 2016. She has worked as a former officer in public administration, Advocate in all instances of litigation, licensed before all state courts, as an Advocate in all federal courts and courts of the Emirate of Dubai at all levels, as well as before tenancy committees and personal status courts.

Member of the Emirates Association for Lawyers and Legal Consultants. A former officer of Dubai Police at the Directorate General of Residency and Foreigners Affairs in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. Extensive experience in handling complaints and criminal cases before police stations, public prosecutions, and criminal courts of all levels. Winner of the Honorary Award of the General Directorate of Residence and Foreigners Affairs in Dubai, social activist and member of numerous chambers and associations dealing with human rights and the care of women and children.

Ahmed Saber

Ahmed Saber


A total of 28 years of experience in the legal field in different multinational offices, including 15 years in the UAE. Legal counsel in the Magic Circle law firm for over 8 years. Holder of a master’s degree of law in the United Arab Emirates. Mr. Saber is currently pursuing a PhD in Corporate Law in the United Arab Emirates. His main area of expertise is in litigation, real estate, banking and a keen interest in different and civil law legislation. A member of the Bar Association and the International Arbitration in Cairo, Egypt. With experience extending to the Supreme Military Court in Egypt, as well as a certified legal trainer of the Emirates Association of Advocates and his membership on the Arab Lawyers Union. 

Mr. Saber is also a published author in UAE Real Estate law, his books are available The Real Estate Regulatory Agency (RERA).

José Maria Amaral Gurgel

José Maria Amaral Gurgel

Corporate Department

Amaral Gurgel, born in São Paulo (1946), holds dual citizenship, Canadian and Brazilian. In 1969 he graduated from the São Paulo University Law School and was at once admitted to the Brazilian Bar, having also obtained a Philosophy degree from the Philosophy Institute of Lorena.  Amaral has further attended diverse ancillary law courses in Brazil, Europe and the USA, such as an LLM in Luxury Business by FAAP, the 8th and the 18th Programs of Instruction for Lawyers at Harvard Law School. Apart from his own mother tongue (Portuguese), he has command of English, Italian, French and Spanish, having also attended extended courses in Ancient Greek and Latin. His legal practice embraces Business Law and Constitutional Law, contracts, transnational investments and wealth governance.

Following his 2000-2007 tenure as Consul of Brazil in British Columbia, three Knighthoods have been bestowed on him: Chevalier of the Order of Rio Branco; Knight of Grace of the Sovereign Order of St. John (Canada); Colar Cândido Fontoura do Mérito Industrial Farmacêutico.

Amaral has lectured university and business audiences in Vancouver, Calgary, Ottawa, Toronto, Los Angeles, New York City, London, Antwerp, Brussels, Berlin, Vienna, Cambridge (Harvard), São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro on Brazilian Law, Economics, History and Social Environment, on Latin American Trade, and on Biotechnology & Pharmaceutical Patent Protection in Brazil. For over 15 years he acted as Chairman of the Board of Administration of a pharmaceutical industry in São Paulo. He has over 30 years of expertise with pharmaceutical regulation by providing legal advice to a good few European and American pharmaceutical industries.

Past and present memberships include: in Brazil, the Brazilian Bar Association (OAB), the Corps Judicial of the Arbitration Court of the Brazilian Bar Association (São Paulo Chapter), the São Paulo Bar Association Law Firms Commission, the Law Firms Association (CESA), the British Chamber of Commerce and Industry, the São Paulo Historical Society (IHGSP), and a number of bi-national Chambers of Commerce such as the AFROCHAMBER; in England, INTERLEGAL, the International Bar Association, the Canning House, the British-Brazilian and Portuguese Law Association (BBPLA) apud the Law Society, London;  in the USA, the Brazilian Studies Association (University of New Mexico), and the American Bar Association; in Germany, the IBWF Institut für Betriebsberatung, Wirtschaftsförderung und –forschung e.V., Bonn, and BVMW Bundesverband mittelständische Wirtschaft, Berlin; in Japan, the Inter-Pacific Bar Association; in Uruguay, the MERCOSUR Association for the Rule of Law in International Relations, Montevideo.

DR. ELSabbah Ashri

DR . ELSabbah Ashri

PhD in Law — Digital Banking Crimes

Dr Ashri has almost 3 decades worth of experience in the legal field, obtained his bachelor’s and master’s in law and PhD in Criminal Law from the University of Cairo.

Not only is he a registered member of the Egyptian Bar Association, he obtained many scientific courses in international arbitration and is licensed as an international arbitrator by the Chamber of International Arbitration.

Dr Ashri has an interest in criminal, commercial and financial law particularly. Due to his vast experience in Egypt and the United Arab Emirates he was approved to obtain his license by the Ras Al Khaimah government as an attorney in the Ras Al Khaimah courts for all types of lawsuits.

Dr\ Tarek Abdul-Aziz Newar

DR . Tarek Newar

Criminal Department — PhD in Economic and Financial Law

Dr. Tarek is a legal consultant, certified legal training expert, professor and lecturer of law. 36 years of law implementation in the United Arab Emirates and Egypt. He is a member of the Bar Association in Egypt and registered to the high appeal instance. A proud member of the Arab Lawyers Union, the Association of Legal Consultants in Egypt, the Egyptian Association for Political Economy and Legislation in Cairo, the Arbitration and Total Quality Center and the Standards Unit at the Faculty of Law, Tanta University, and the International Society of Law Execution Planners.

Dr Nawar is a registered commercial arbitrator with the Center for Commercial Arbitration and Dispute Resolution in Sharjah, Ajman, and Ras Al Khaimah. His academic achievements include a Bachelor of Law and Bachelor of Police Sciences from Egyptian Police Academy, bachelor’s degree in public law, two Postgraduate diplomas in economic & financial legislation, Public Law and a PhD in law.

Hussam Edin Fawzi

Hossam Fawzy

Corporate Department

Mr Fawzis experience in the United Arab Emirates from 2009 spans from legal consultancy, technical directorial as well a legal advisory. He specializes in civil and commercial disputes, arbitration, corporate business, banks, investment agencies, the capital market, and startups. He drafts commercial contracts and agreements, personal status matters and criminal disputes.

The experience obtained in Egypt since 1993 is also of great prominence whether in the Egyptian Court of Cassation, the Supreme Administrative Court, and the Constitutional Court. He is also an active member of the Arab Bar Association.

Ayman Al-Ajmawy

Ayman Al-Ajmawy

Head of the Intellectual Property Department

With 26 years of legal experience in Egypt Mr Aymen holder of a master’s degree in law from the university of Cairo with experience spread out in the fields of litigation, civil and real estate, banks, arbitration, drafting and reviewing legislation. Additionally, he is a researcher whose publications have been granted the most noteworthy rankings, with keen interest in International human rights laws.

In addition to being a member of the Egyptian Bar Association Mr Al-Ajmawy is an active member in The Arab International Organization for the Arab Lawyers Union, The Egyptian Society of International Law and The Egyptian Society of Criminal Law.

Salem Ragab

Salem Ragab


With 20 years as a lawyer and legal consultant in the United Arab Emirates, Mr. Ragab has successfully managed several well-known international brands. Head of litigation in his previous firm and current member of the International Trademark Association (INTA). He frequently conducts training and workshops on brand awareness on behalf of his clients. He holds a degree in Law from Mansoura University in Egypt and a diploma in intellectual property.

Sally Jalal Saleh

Sally Jalal Saleh

Intellectual Property Department

Sally Saleh is a Senior Associate in our Intellectual Property practice. She worked at multiple leading Intellectual Property firms in Jordan, Qatar, and UAE. She assisted international and domestic Brand Owners in devising and implementing tailored strategies for trademark protection in the MENA region, with regard to prosecution, enforcement, and litigation. Also assists clients in drafting and reviewing franchise and licensing agreements and other IP commercial agreements.

She has extensive experience in comprehensive IP Legal Consultancy services such as IP Strategy & Enforcement, IP Portfolio Management, anti-counterfeiting strategic planning, infringement, and unfair competition litigation

She is experienced in dealing with cases involving different types of IP Rights, including trademarks, industrial designs, and models, copyrights, domain names, and trade secrets. She has been in practice as a Law Lecturer and Licensed Lawyer for Five years. As she has experience teaching commercial and intellectual property law for more than five years at Stenden University in Qatar. She holds an LL.B in Law as well as LL.M in Intellectual Property Laws (Run By WIPO) from the University of Jordan.

Sally’s practice covers the full range of intellectual property (IP) matters and keeps her up-to-date with new developments in both the law and technology. As a result, she has had widespread experience in all areas of patent, trademark, copyright, and unfair competition law, and her work involves a wide range of technical subjects.

Hazem Hussein

Hazem Hussein

Corporation Department

Mr Hussein is a highly qualified legal Consultant with eight years of experience in the United Arab Emirates, having gained his expertise in Egypt with extensive experience in arbitration and litigation.

He is highly proficient in matters involving civil and commercial disputes, criminal cases, administrative law and related disputes. His area of expertise includes litigation before the courts and before arbitration tribunals. Hazem has experience in drafting purchase agreements and other commercial contracts, including but not limited to acquisitions, mergers and joint venture agreements.

He has a keen interest in Islamic financial law and he holds a postgraduate diploma in Islamic Law from Alexandria University, Hazem has been a member of the Egyptian Bar Association since 2008.

Ayman Makram

Ayman Makram

Litigation Department

Lawyer and legal consultant with over 22 years of practice in civil, commercial, labor, personal and criminal cases. Since moving to the United Arab Emirates in 2006, Mr Makram dealt with thousands of cases throughout the country. Excels in providing legal consultations in the fields of real estate, civil, corporate, commercial, labor, personal and criminal cases in both Arabic and English. Valuable experience in Dubai rental law, its amendments and has managed several rental disputes in Dubai with excellent results.

Obtained his diploma in Islamic law from Ain Shams University after achieving his law bachelor’s degree in 2000. A registered legal consultant in the UAE for the past 2 decades, as well as being a member of the Egyptian Bar Association since 2001.

Ibrahim Mousa

Ibrahim Mousa

Litigation Department

A member of the Egyptian Bar Association with 16 years of experience in legal consultations, drafting memorandums for all types of civil and commercial cases, bankruptcy cases, labor and real estate cases, personal status and criminal cases. In 2006, he obtained his bachelor’s degree of Laws from Zagazig University. He also holds a Diploma in law, Judicial Sciences and a master’s degree in Civil Law and Enforcement.

Samar Atef

Samar Atef

Litigation Department

Ms Atif has 10 years of experience in the United Arab Emirates, has worked efficiently in various subject areas in both consultation and litigation matters.

She has a keen interest in Muslim and Non-Muslim personal status cases (family law), due to her advance language skills Samar is ideal to handle different jurisdiction matters. Her experience also includes rental disputes, labor disputes, regulatory investigations.

khawla elbakry

Khawla El-bakri

Legal consultancy and business development

Khawla a lawyer with an LL.B from the American university, with 2 years of experience in educational disputes. Fluent and has practiced in both English and Arabic, making her ideal for either. Has a keen interest in family and international law specifically human rights law.

litty francis

Litty Francis

Legal consultancy and business development

Litty Francis, BA LL.B from India is versatile and has rich hands on experience in many aspects of legal matters in the region. She has 3 years’ experience in the courts of India and had worked as a lawyer for various companies in the UAE.  

She has experience in drafting, reviewing key legal documents in the areas of bilateral agreements, Mergers & Acquisitions, Contracts, Brands licensing, Non-Disclosure agreements and customized MOU’s.  She has done legal due diligence exercises across companies in the areas of merger and acquisitions.  Protection of Intellectual Property is another core area of her expertise with particular focus on product and process patents and trademarks. Litty is specialized in UAE labour laws and has also been liaison contact for organizations with key governmental bodies like DED, Ministry of Economy, MOHRE, and various Freezones authorities. Fluency in English, Hindi and Malayalam.

Siamak Sarbaz 1B5A2525 B

Siamak Sarbaz


Siamak Sarbaz is the Founder of Symax and a seasoned business leader with over 30 years of international experience in Tech, Innovation, Design, and Operations across the globe. An Electronics Engineering graduate from the UK, and a graduate and Alum of Harvard Business School, Sarbaz has applied his knowledge and skills to chart a successful career as a tech entrepreneur and innovation leader in his own right. He has been an avid proponent of entrepreneurship whilst working very closely with Private Equity and Investment banks for more than a decade.

Sarbaz has always gravitated towards people, companies and ideas that aim to bring about positive change to society. He frequently invests in ideas/startups he believes will make a difference. He started his career in Software Labs of British Telecom R&D Laboratories in the UK.
He is one of the pioneers of Mobile Technology and had taken up key positions as National Design Authority, in mobile ventures such as Microtel (Hutchison- Microtel, Orange, and now EE) as well as International consultancy positions in Nortel-Matra Cellular where he served as Chief Engineer of some of the largest Mobile Deployments in the world. He has worked closely with the top executives of blue-chip companies and has also put together a number of notable global technology partnerships with global leaders such as Nokia, Ericsson, HP, Amdocs and Oracle, to name a few.

Sarbaz was the Founder of Mycom Group, whose mission was inscribed in its moto “World Harmony through Better Communication”, and which he and his team grew to an internationally renowned Telecom company covering design, roll-out and operations of tens of thousands of Mobile sites and networks across the world including Far East, APAC and US , as well as developing Software suite of products covering around 70 Communication Service Providers, developed through its four R&D centers around the world. At the time of his exit Mycom’s innovative software platform was managing more than 1Billion customers of Communication Service Providers. Today, as well as continuing to be heavily involved in innovative technology investing, the Symax portfolio of investments created under his leadership has been diversified to include other sectors such as Real estate, Fintech, Legal advocacy and Superfood where Sarbaz is also an active and supportive Board member of Symax’s portfolio companies.
Fari Akhlaghi 1B5A2568

Fari Akhlaghi


Fari Akhlaghi is a professional business leader whose experience spans a wide range of sectors including design, engineering, construction, management consultancy, and technology. With a journey of over 35 years, Akhlaghi has held Senior Executive and Directorship positions in multi-national corporations such as AECOM (USA/UAE), Black & Veatch (USA/Africa), and DEGW (UK/Europe)and has set-up, led the funding and managed major urban and industrial projects.

He has advised many governments on development matters and represented and advised global businesses such as Norton Rose Fulbright (UK), GEK TERNA (Greece), and AMMANN (Switzerland) on identifying and developing key strategic investments. Akhlaghi obtained his education in the UK, in Architecture, IT, Building Science, and Facilities Management.
Parallel to his full-time professional career, he was the Founding Director of Facilities Management Graduate Centre at Sheffield Hallam University in UK where he was appointed Tarmac Professor. He was also appointed Professor at the Department of Property Development and Building Economics at the University of Natal in Durban, South Africa. Akhlaghi is an experienced facilitator and problem solver. He is an accomplished public speaker on development and other areas of particular interest to him. He has convened leaders’ workshops on sustainable economic development at several World Economic Forum events and facilitated strategic planning interactions at the highest levels of governments and corporations throughout his career.
Mauro Romano 1B5A2614 B

Mauro Romano


Mauro Romano is SVP and Member of the Board at Symax Group. With long standing successful track record in business development, Mauro has guided various endeavours in Europe and the MENA region to fruition, working with establishments and firms across Europe, UK, USA, UAE, KSA, India, Peru, among others.

Mauro’s experience includes working with the Dubai Gold and Commodities Exchange, London Stock Exchange Group and The Bank of New York. Aside from working with such esteemed institutions, Mauro is also an entrepreneur at heart. In 2018, he co-founded ArabClicks (Morexa DMCC), in Dubai, UAE, the first Arabic performance marketing network. ArabClicks was effective in boosting online traffic to sites like Amazon, Noon, Emirates Airlines, Adidas, and many more.
Mauro obtained a BA and MS in Economics and International Markets at Parthenope University in Naples, Italy. He later pursued an MA in Quantitative Finance and Risk Management at Bocconi University in Milan, Italy. In 2017, Mauro took part in the Senior Executive Leadership Program Middle East at Harvard Business School in Boston, US. Mauro’s interests cover real estate investment, consumer goods, financial strategy and forecasting, start-up investments, and spends his me-time reading, swimming, and traveling.

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