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DPP transfer two Asians who seized AED 160 thousand loan by assuming false identity

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DPP transferred two Asians to the misdemeanor court on charges of fraud. The accused person defrauded the victim through convincing her that they work in her bank. They persuaded the victim to update her bank card or otherwise it will be blocked, and she will be deprived from using the banking services.

The victim provided the accused persons with all required details, which they used later to get and seize a AED160 thousand loan under the victim’s name.
The investigation was initiated by Assistant Chief Prosecutor, Mr. Maktoum Obeid Alshamsi, immediately after receiving the report. Adviser/ Maktoum stated that during investigations by DPP it was clear that the victim was subject to fraud.

The fraudsters deceived the victim and told her that they work in the bank where she has her account. To convince the victim more, the fraudsters provided the victim with her bank card number and personal details, so she willingly provided them with the (OTP) she received inorder to update her details.

Adviser/ Maktoum Added that: after the accused persons obtained sufficient banking and personal information of the victim, they applied for AED 160 thousand loan from the bank and Loan application was approved. Once The loan amount was deposited into the victim’s account it was transferred by the accused persons to their own accounts at two different banks.

Adviser/ Maktoum Said that by this trick, the fraudsters committed the crime of fraud and seizing others funds without right. These crimes are punishable according to the federal penalties law, with amendments, accordingly they were transferred to the misdemeanors court to be punished for their crimes.

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