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H.E. Abdullah Bin Sultan Awad Alnuemi, Minister of Justice, visit Dubai Courts Platform at “Gitex Global 2021”

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In presence of His Excellency/ Taresh Eid Al Mansouri, Managing Director of Dubai Courts and head of Department at Dubai Courts, H.E. Abdullah Bin Sultan Awad Alnuemi, Minister of Justice, have made a visit to Dubai Courts Platform at Gitex Global 2021. .During his visit, H.E. Abdullah Alnuemi checked the services provided by Dubai Courts at Gitex Global 2021, including the digital marriage contracts, digital notary services, online payments and judicial litigation.

In the same vein, during Gitex Global 2021, Dubai Courts have announced its distinct accomplishments in digital litigation. The Department endeavor to achieve the vision of Dubai Government in making paradigm shift in litigation process, and to comply with the instructions of Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice President, Prime Minister and ruler of the Emirate of Dubai, regarding the permanent transfer to remote online litigation.

His Excellency/ Taresh Eid Al Mansouri, Managing Director of Dubai Courts, indicated that the Department has succeeded in reaching 97% in remote cases. According to His Excellency the percentage of cases registered online was 58,494 cases, meanwhile the number of smart applications was 508,58 applications, with 20,815 payment orders, 150,267 notices and notifications and 228,896 hearing minutes. His Excellency affirmed that the Department work continuously to develop the work system and to receive remarks by clients and advocates in order to improve, amend and change, thus guaranteeing continuity and smoothness of work system to support the justice.

His Excellency explained that the digital litigation program aims to activate the modern technology and digital transformation in providing judicial services to public. The program allows the public to complete several litigation processes through the smart applications. Thereafter, Dubai Courts shall transform its services into digital services in line with the Department aim to transform into digital courts. Transforming into digital courts would facilitate the procedures for litigant parties, with more efficiency of the judicial system. Thus, the community trust in the judicial system will increase, with achieving highest levels of customers’ satisfaction and facilitating the process for clients. This is completed through following Dubai Paperless Strategy.

The Strategy aims to form a paperless future in 2021 through full transformation by Dubai Government to become paperless government. .His Excellency/ Al Mansouri further indicated that the Digital Litigation Program target judges, advocates, experts and clients. It is online interactive and comprehensive system that covers all stages of the case, including submitting the application, enclosing supporting documents, reports, digital signature, checking individuals’ identities and holding hearings and remote deliberations. The program covers also all internal procedures during the case process. Additionally, it form the case management department and remote judgments that enable the judges and concerned department from following the case and issuing judgments. The program limit the number of persons allowed to enter the information system to register cases and to review the information.

The allowed individuals are judges, government staff, advocates, experts and other related parties. This prevents unauthorized persons from viewing the details and documents of the case. .His Excellency/ Al Mansouri affirmed that the Digital Litigation program is the result of the instructions by Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum. His Highness Sheikh Mohammed said the UAE have transferred the challenges caused by Corona Pandemic (Covid-19) into un-preceded opportunities for development and progress in work mechanism. The UAE achieved vast development in its vital sectors and in digital transformation in the services. By its vision and readiness, the UAE provided best services to people more efficiently and accurately. Improving the people lives in the UAE is the center of the government work and objective.

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