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Dubai Courts reveals landmark Accomplishments by Digital Notary Public

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Dubai Courts have revealed during Gitex Global 2021 several landmark Accomplishments made by Digital Notary Public at Dubai Courts during the last period of the current year. .The accomplishments are the outcomes of the policy and strategy adopted by Dubai courts to facilitate all procedures and process to the clients.

In consideration of clients’ needs, Dubai courts always aims to promote and develop its services. Dubai Courts continuously attempt to achieve effective justice accurately and efficiently, with providing judicial services to the society, thus achieving its visions in being Pioneering & Internationally Distinguished Courts. .Mr. Ibrahim Alhosny, Executive Director of Notary Public, Settlements and Enforcement Section at Dubai Courts, indicated that the Department have achieved during the past period more than 15.316 transactions through the Digital Notary Public.

Mr. Alhosny affirmed that Digital Notary Public is a bundle of services and initiatives that aim to develop and digitalize the work system. Digitalizing the work system will facilitate services to clients, any time and any place, without any restrictions and through several smart and electronic channels. .This complies with the wise leadership aspiration toward creating smart, creative and innovative government that provides all individuals and society needs. The Digital Notary Service cover all notary public services, including POAs, Affidavits, Legal Notices, Wills for non-Muslims and contracts of all kinds.

The digital service have few stages, including registration, inserting information according to Emirates ID, enclosing supporting documents, payment of fees, verifying and checking the identity of the parties, whether through online or personal appearance, if necessary. Signature on the document will be electronic and completing all these processes are done using any electronic device. .Director of Notary Public department at Dubai Courts, Mr. Ahmed Khalaf Alhosny, indicated that there are several channels to receive the service, including Public Notary, Private Notary, Government Entities Officials, Law professionals, like Lawyers and Individuals with registered accounts at Dubai Courts.

The services are available on 24/7 basis on all devices using Windows System, IOS or Android. Subsequent to registration, the Client is given a Username and Password, and must choose the type of service (POAs, Affidavits, Legal Notice, Meeting Minutes, Wills for non-Muslims, Contracts, etc.). Once the service is determined, the information are to be inserted with the Emirates ID number, with selecting the terms and attaching supporting documents as necessary. After fees being paid online, the process will be handled by the system automatically, whereas the system will decide the outputs according to the service settings or the client’s options during processing. The system will decide if the service requires verifying the parties’ identity in their absence or in their virtual appearance online or in person according to the information and data inserted by the applicant regarding the parties.

This process would then be followed by legal and administrative verifying by the official, who will verify information, fees, documents and attachments, and in case of representation through agent, he will check the authorization document. The official will decide to approve, reject or request further amendments to the transaction by the client before final verifying and signing. The last step in the process is to receive the transaction through the email. The system provides the clients after registration with username and portfolio to keep all notarized transactions

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