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Dubai Courts launches program to explore the future and establish world-class benchmarking system

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H.E. Taresh Eid Al Mansouri, Director General of Dubai Courts, has launched Dubai Courts’ latest program dubbed as ‘Dubai Courts … Future Courts’ to create platforms that will facilitate monitoring and implementation of strategic action for instant response to enhance connectivity, enrich corporate performance, and achieve performance excellence in accordance with the directives of UAE leaders and national development strategies.

The national strategy to explore the future was recently launched to examine local opportunities as well as analyze and develop long-term proactive plans on all fronts to serve the UAE’s best interests. The strategy will pave the way for new government regulations for the future as part of strategic planning process in government entities. It will also seek to launch relevant studies and develop plans and policies in vital sectors. Al Mansouri underscored the importance of establishing Dubai Courts’ influence on building the future of the judiciary system by anticipating challenges and coming up with innovative solutions. He also noted that the program will include the launch of an integrated corporate program to explore the future of Dubai Courts in the areas of government work and judicial actions.

The program contains elements to ensure efficient application and development of Dubai Courts’ capabilities to anticipate future external and internal social, economic, technological and environmental requirements by adopting tools that will promote progress towards global leadership. It will also help analyze trends and future developments in the judiciary; identify the best alternatives based on strengths; establish institutional foundations through the correct readings of the future trends; develop relevant strategies and proactive initiatives; and create connections among universities, research and studies centers related to judiciary and government business.

The program will also seek to hold effective cooperation among local, regional and international specialized research institutions to develop employee skills and empower them to contribute to future innovations. The Director General of Dubai Courts has also inaugurated Dubai Courts’ benchmarking system designed to support its efforts in accordance with its vision of ‘Pioneering & Internationally Distinguished Courts’ and compliance with the 4G standards of the Government Excellence. The system aims to enhance Dubai Courts’ institutional performance and operations in a holistic manner by elevating the standards within the organization and determine the Courts’ leadership.

He pointed out that Dubai Courts is playing an important role in enhancing the competitiveness of Dubai and the UAE as shown by a report released by the World Bank. As such, Dubai Courts is keen on offering high effective internal operations and judicial services.The launching was held at Dubai Courts headquarters in the presence of Deputy Director General, Judge Abdulgader Moosa, members of the Leadership Council of the corporate Development and Innovation, and key representatives of corporate development team.

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