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Both parties share a common vision of building a cohesive society that ensures justice, equality and security

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Dubai Courts has laid a robust foundation for women and children protection after signing a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with Dubai Foundation for Women and Children (DFWAC). Aiming to provide a decent life for people deprived of social care, the move forms part of the common vision of driving social development in the UAE. The agreement was signed by H.E. Tarish Eid Al Mansouri, Director General of Dubai Courts, and H.E. Afra Al Basti, Director General of Dubai Foundation for Women and Children, in the presence of senior officials from both parties to show their commitment to collaborate and exchange best practices in the service of society.

The MoU focuses on stopping human trafficking, domestic violence, and abuse against women and children. The two parties agreed to unify a common database for monitoring these criminal cases which heavily affect society. They also agreed to create new channels to exchange expertise and information related to social services, in addition to launching awareness and educational campaigns and participating in their respective internal training sessions, interactive workshops, conferences and events. Their collaboration aims to build better human capacities and raise the bar in human efficiencies in addressing concerned issues.

Research and Development is one of the key areas of cooperation between Dubai Courts and DFWAC, reaffirming their utmost commitment to enable researchers to conduct more studies, researches and surveys in certain fields and in a manner that suits the strategic objectives of both sides.According to the terms of the MoU, Dubai Courts will facilitate procedures for the cases referred by DFWAC which will, in turn, provide shelter and psychological and social services to all social groups that are sent by the Courts, including victims of human trafficking, domestic violence, abuse and others. Another main focus of the agreement is smart transformation, where the two parties will work together to address the necessary requirements to achieve online integration in case referral.

DFWAC officials and employees can make a follow up on Dubai Courts’ cases through the official e-portal.Commenting on the new partnership, H.E. Al Mansouri said Our strategic cooperation with Dubai Foundation for Women and Children is a new step towards supporting the efforts aimed at building a coherent and cohesive society that ensures justice, equality and safety in line with the goals of Dubai Plan 2021. The strategic Dubai Plan 2021 aims to shape a new path of progress, growth and development to make the emirate one of the world’s most developed cities. This important agreement centers on providing technical support and protection for vulnerable families and victims of domestic violence and human trafficking in accordance with applicable local and international laws.

The MoU also aims to raise public awareness on important issues that are against the principles of our society, which is based on values of tolerance, harmony, integration and affection inspired by Islam. H.E. added We look forward to our cooperation with prominent entities such as DFWAC, which has successfully helped rehabilitate and reintegrate vulnerable groups within the community. We will work together to achieve our common objectives that focus on rehabilitation, community outreach, research studies, e-integration and investment in human resources, in addition to other areas that support Dubai and the UAE’s march towards comprehensive development. We will do our best to accomplish our goals as part of our core mission of delivering fast, effective and impartial justice and providing a favorable judicial services accessible by all members of society.For her part, H.E. Al Basti praised Dubai Courts for its efforts to build a partnership with DFWAC to reinforce ongoing initiatives to shelter, protect and support victims of violence and human trafficking of women and children in accordance with international human rights agreements.

H.E. Al Basti said The organization has the responsibility to build local, regional and international partnerships that aim to raise societal awareness and establish a research database that would standardize effective policies consistent with related local laws and international standards. There is no doubt that our new partnership will develop an integrated framework to support national efforts aimed at providing social protection for vulnerable groups and reduce the rates of domestic violence in the UAE, which has the lowest incidents in the world.​

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